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Patel Realty is a full-service real estate company with decades of experience across4143f5a1659027f29853c6d9be3e9e39 markets and property types.  We have extensive knowledge and ability particularly in the areas of retail real estate, hospitality, and multi-family income properties acting as owner, investor, manager/operator, and broker.  We draw from our vast experience and use that knowledge in each transaction to add value and obtain results.  Working as principals in ground-up developments of various property types throughout the local marketplace we bring a very diverse and unique skill set to every deal.  From site selection to entitlements and on to leasing and construction we work with everyone including brokers, bankers, lawyers, municipalities, contractors, engineers, users and consumers.  Patel Realty is always seeking new opportunities to work with clients, partners, and investors to make money in real estate.